About Dovey

I have such a passion for Massage Therapy because the longer I have been doing it, I have seen how it truly helps people. I have been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2013 and I still learn more about it everyday. I have my Kinesiology degree, as well as, a Medical Massage License that allows me to effectively help the body through massage. Every massage is tailored for each person, with the perfect pressure and techniques for their specific condition. Each stroke will focus on the muscle fascia as knots smooth out and relieve the body. Massage effectively helps the body feel better and stay healthy, instead of masking that discomfort.  

Massage has been an answered prayer and I absolutely love helping people feel better. I strongly believe that Massage Therapy is the best way to naturally take care of your body, along with fitness and diet. I want to change the world through massage and be an example to inspire people to really love themselves. This life is such a blessing, let’s make it awesome!

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