Melt Away Tension With Hot Stones

“You don’t need to see the sunset to feel the warmth of it’s colors.” -Atticus

What is better than a deep tissue/therapeutic massage that relaxes and helps your muscles? Add hot stones to your deep tissue massage to experience pure serenity as the warmth soothes your muscles and the muscle fibers, more easily, smooth out. Hot stones are a simple, yet, super beneficial add on to a massage. Not only does the warmth from the hot stones feel amazing and rejuvenating, the muscles become pliable as the muscle fascia relaxes. When the fascia is relaxed, a massage can more effectively relieve and “melt away” tension. What this means, is as heat is applied, the blood vessels widen and promote circulation, increasing the flow of blood and other nutrients to our muscles. Our muscles respond better when they are given oxygen and other nutrients, thus, providing relaxation and helping sore muscles. The calming temperature of a hot stone is intended to quiet your mind and relax your muscles.

There is no doubt that a deep tissue/therapeutic massage will smooth out the muscle fibers and help you feel better on the inside and out. But a simple touch of some heat can provide so many benefits to your overworked and tired body. When the muscles are warm, they are more pliable and the muscles can fully relax. And when we let our muscles relax, that’s when we’ve allowed ourselves to be still. 😊

Cold Marble Stones

The coolness from the marble stones offer a soothing and rejuvenating touch. Cold temperatures help to reduce swelling, bloating and inflammation while boosting circulation and energy.

**Now offering cold stones with every massage!

Therapeutic Massage

When we schedule a massage, it’s usually because we want to relax, or there is an ache that has been running up our back then down our leg. Massage therapy is the best solution for all of that, but what kind of massage do we want?

A general answer for the massage we are expecting, often, is Deep Tissue or Swedish. However the pressure may be, if we are asking for an effective massage, it will be therapeutic. Therapeutic massage is a type of massage modality that relieves pain, eases stress and focuses on correcting a specific issue/problem.

What is Therapeutic Massage?

The Oxford Dictionary defines therapeutic (ther-a-peu-tic) as:
relating to the healing of disease
1. the branch of medicine concerned with the treatment of disease and the action of
remedial agents.
2. a treatment, therapy or drug

Therapeutic massage can best be described as an effective massage that gets results and gives relief. The purpose of a therapeutic massage is to restore the soft tissue (muscles, tendons, fascia, etc.), keeping them properly functioning and feeling good. To look at it further, our body is designed to heal itself. So, a therapeutic massage adds to that healing and really improves our health, addressing and fixing our discomfort.

A therapeutic massage is provided to achieve a structural change or remedial benefit in the body. The amount of pressure isn’t what works on the muscles, but rather, how long they are activated and given that pressure. When pressure is applied to the fascia (covering the muscle), it takes roughly 20 seconds to “melt” that fascia and restore elasticity. As the fascia melts, our muscles are released from that bind and the muscle fibers are able to get smoothed out. No matter the preference of pressure, a therapeutic massage will work on the superficial parts of the muscle to effectively and efficiently repair the issue. Therapeutic massage addresses the issue to fix the issue, not mask it. You should expect to feel better for longer, have more energy and flow throughout the day. 🙂

The human body is a skeletal system that is held together by the muscular system and controlled by the nervous system. It is so complex, yet so simple. We just need to love and care for our mind, body and spirit, and we will shine. Our body does so much for us, and it just needs a little tending to keep it going. You truly and, absolutely, are capable of anything and everything you set your mind to.

Issues That Therapeutic Massage Can Help:
Aches and pains from muscle tension, back pain, neck, shoulders, knees & elbows
Frozen Shoulder
Carpal Tunnel
Tennis Elbow
Sports Injuries
Arthritis & Rheumatoid Arthritis
Overall Health!

Massage, Water & Toxins

As a Massage Therapist, I first noticed the impact that water after a massage has while I was working at Tapatio Springs Resort. I would offer water to my clients, and they would drink some, then head to the pool to have fun and, most of the time, drink alcohol. That has been my only experience when a client has reported not feeling too well the same day of a massage.

There’s no doubt that it is important to drink water after a massage. Our bodies are so perfectly designed, they know what to store, what to remove and how to use all of that to function. That is a good thing because we are faced with physiological processes and environmental pollutants, that our body must deal with daily. And though it has been a popular explanation, our muscles don’t store toxins and we don’t need water to flush toxins out of our body after a massage.

What Does Our Body Do with Toxins?

Most likely, after a massage, you have been told that you need to drink water to flush out the toxins from your body. That is a myth.

Our body is set up with six systems (Endocrine, Immune, Lymphatic, Reproductive, Skeletal and Urinary) that help us to breathe, keep moving, eat and digest food. It is within those systems that our body is able to handle environmental and body-produced toxins. Environmental toxins are found in our water, air, soil, homes, cars, places of employment and just about anywhere. When these toxins enter our body, they are excreted, stored or bio-transformed. Bio-transformation is a chemical change that the body uses to eliminate or store chemical substances; the liver, kidneys and lungs are the primary bio-transforming organs. If the body cannot effectively break down these chemical substances, they cumulate and are stored in tissues, not the muscles.

The primary sites for accumulation of these chemical substances are in the adipose tissue, bone, liver and kidneys.

That would be awesome if massage were to help in the removal of these toxins, but it doesn’t. Not even lactic acid.

Why Does Our Body Need Water After Massage?

Massage Therapy is the manipulation of soft tissue, and that dehydrates the muscles. In explanation, that means that the pressure applied to the muscles will increase the blood and lymph circulation. This circulation causes the fluid to pump out of the soft tissue and into the circulatory system, naturally moving onto the kidneys. That is why, often, we need to urinate after massage.

The reason we need to drink water after massage is simple, to restore the water that was lost in the muscle tissue during massage. Our body is amazing, and it is capable of anything we put our mind to. Take the best care of your body and keep the juices flowing!

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