Melt Away Tension With Hot Stones

“You don’t need to see the sunset to feel the warmth of it’s colors.” -Atticus

What is better than a deep tissue/therapeutic massage that relaxes and helps your muscles? Add hot stones to your deep tissue massage to experience pure serenity as the warmth soothes your muscles and the muscle fibers, more easily, smooth out. Hot stones are a simple, yet, super beneficial add on to a massage. Not only does the warmth from the hot stones feel amazing and rejuvenating, the muscles become pliable as the muscle fascia relaxes. When the fascia is relaxed, a massage can more effectively relieve and “melt away” tension. What this means, is as heat is applied, the blood vessels widen and promote circulation, increasing the flow of blood and other nutrients to our muscles. Our muscles respond better when they are given oxygen and other nutrients, thus, providing relaxation and helping sore muscles. The calming temperature of a hot stone is intended to quiet your mind and relax your muscles.

There is no doubt that a deep tissue/therapeutic massage will smooth out the muscle fibers and help you feel better on the inside and out. But a simple touch of some heat can provide so many benefits to your overworked and tired body. When the muscles are warm, they are more pliable and the muscles can fully relax. And when we let our muscles relax, that’s when we’ve allowed ourselves to be still. 😊

Author: Massage by Dovey

I specialize in therapeutic massage, helping the muscles get relief and work with the body better. Every massage is tailored specifically for you to release tension, promote circulation and just relax. Each style of massage utilizes long, flowing strokes to induce serenity or more strategic strokes, smoothing out discomfort. I work deep in the muscle fascia and work on finding the site that is initiating any pain. Massage can be compared to an apple a day with how many benefits it provides for your body.

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