Therapeutic Massage

When we schedule a massage, it’s usually because we want to relax, or there is an ache that has been running up our back then down our leg. Massage therapy is the best solution for all of that, but what kind of massage do we want?

A general answer for the massage we are expecting, often, is Deep Tissue or Swedish. However the pressure may be, if we are asking for an effective massage, it will be therapeutic. Therapeutic massage is a type of massage modality that relieves pain, eases stress and focuses on correcting a specific issue/problem.

What is Therapeutic Massage?

The Oxford Dictionary defines therapeutic (ther-a-peu-tic) as:
relating to the healing of disease
1. the branch of medicine concerned with the treatment of disease and the action of
remedial agents.
2. a treatment, therapy or drug

Therapeutic massage can best be described as an effective massage that gets results and gives relief. The purpose of a therapeutic massage is to restore the soft tissue (muscles, tendons, fascia, etc.), keeping them properly functioning and feeling good. To look at it further, our body is designed to heal itself. So, a therapeutic massage adds to that healing and really improves our health, addressing and fixing our discomfort.

A therapeutic massage is provided to achieve a structural change or remedial benefit in the body. The amount of pressure isn’t what works on the muscles, but rather, how long they are activated and given that pressure. When pressure is applied to the fascia (covering the muscle), it takes roughly 20 seconds to “melt” that fascia and restore elasticity. As the fascia melts, our muscles are released from that bind and the muscle fibers are able to get smoothed out. No matter the preference of pressure, a therapeutic massage will work on the superficial parts of the muscle to effectively and efficiently repair the issue. Therapeutic massage addresses the issue to fix the issue, not mask it. You should expect to feel better for longer, have more energy and flow throughout the day. πŸ™‚

The human body is a skeletal system that is held together by the muscular system and controlled by the nervous system. It is so complex, yet so simple. We just need to love and care for our mind, body and spirit, and we will shine. Our body does so much for us, and it just needs a little tending to keep it going. You truly and, absolutely, are capable of anything and everything you set your mind to.

Issues That Therapeutic Massage Can Help:
Aches and pains from muscle tension, back pain, neck, shoulders, knees & elbows
Frozen Shoulder
Carpal Tunnel
Tennis Elbow
Sports Injuries
Arthritis & Rheumatoid Arthritis
Overall Health!

Author: Massage by Dovey

I specialize in therapeutic massage, helping the muscles get relief and work with the body better. Every massage is tailored specifically for you to release tension, promote circulation and just relax. Each style of massage utilizes long, flowing strokes to induce serenity or more strategic strokes, smoothing out discomfort. I work deep in the muscle fascia and work on finding the site that is initiating any pain. Massage can be compared to an apple a day with how many benefits it provides for your body.

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