Maintain Proper Circulation

The body needs proper circulation to stay healthy and efficient. Proper circulation allows veins and arteries to provide the body with oxygen and nutrients to keep it running smoothly. We are able to keep our circulation flowing by our daily habits, lifestyle and food intake, which influences our health so greatly. How we move throughout our day and how much we move can impact the flow of blood in our body. It is important to keep our body moving and blood flowing, because that is what keeps us going. However, the body does need to rest even while it keeps working. That is why it is so important to care for our body and keep the body fueled with the right stuff.
“Take care of your body because it is the only place you have to live,” is one of my favorite quotes by Jim Rohn. It is a simple truth and reminder that the better we treat our body, the better it will feel. We want to feel good throughout the day, so how do we do it? First, start off by choosing a baggie full of walnuts instead of chips for a snack. Make a mindful attempt to cut out added sugars, unhealthy fats, sodas and processed foods from your diet, and fuel your body with leafy greens, lots of fiber and more water. In addition to a healthy diet, take a few minutes each day to stretch and show your muscles some love. Not only will this soothe your muscles, but it will help you be in tune with your body and notice any tightness that may be holding you back. Always remember to keep your body moving and heart pumping, even if it’s by a stroll to the mailbox or dancing in the kitchen. You will do the most good for your body and it’s blood circulation if you are active throughout the day, care for your muscles and fuel your body with the right stuff.

How does massage help circulation?

Massage promotes blood flow to the muscles, providing them with the oxygen and vitamins they need to heal and feel awesome. There are many different kinds of massage that will help to get the blood moving, such as, friction and kneading. Massage benefits circulation so much, even the direction of massage stroke can improve blood flow and help the heart. For example, a study done at the University of Illinois at Chicago was performed on two different groups, a group that worked out with no massage and a group that received massage after their workout. Both groups had soreness after their workout. But the group who receieved massage felt in top shape after 90 minutes of working out, while the exercise-only group was still sore the next day. The study was able to show that the Brachial Artery Flow Mediated Dilation (FMD), a measure of vascular health, improved blood flow at all time points with massage, thus, making the body feel better ( Massage is great for the body and it benefits circulation, and most every function of the body.

University of Illinois at Chicago. “Massage therapy improves circulation, alleviates muscle soreness.” ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 16 April 2014.

Author: Massage by Dovey

I specialize in therapeutic massage, helping the muscles get relief and work with the body better. Every massage is tailored specifically for you to release tension, promote circulation and just relax. Each style of massage utilizes long, flowing strokes to induce serenity or more strategic strokes, smoothing out discomfort. I work deep in the muscle fascia and work on finding the site that is initiating any pain. Massage can be compared to an apple a day with how many benefits it provides for your body.

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