Boost Your Immunity With Massage

Massage Therapy is the best thing we can do for our body. Massage is extremely relaxing and, also, greatly beneficial to our body. Every system of our body is improved with massage, and, that is just what our body needs! We can spend time making sure we eat well and get enough exercise. But as our body ages, it takes more than vitamins to keep our body running smooth and feeling great. Keeping a healthy immune system is the key to great health, and massage helps to boost your immunity. Including massage therapy into your self-care routine is a sure way to look and feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

As Christmas approaches, we start to put a little more stress on our body, making our body more susceptible to illness. However, a massage will increase your endorphins, serotonin and dopamine levels, thus, helping you feel happy and relaxed. And more relaxation is perfect for the holidays. It is also important to keep your immune system health, and massage is the trick. Receiving regular massage helps to flush out the toxins our body likes to hold onto. This increases blood flow and circulation and helps everything run smooth. As an extra benefit, massage increases white blood cell activity, and that helps our body to fight diseases and cortisol reduction. There are so many ways we can protect our body, and we need to, so we can stay busy and feel awesome.

We need to care for our body, as we expect it to keep going. Fall in love with taking care of yourself and start feeling your best.

Author: Massage by Dovey

I specialize in therapeutic massage, helping the muscles get relief and work with the body better. Every massage is tailored specifically for you to release tension, promote circulation and just relax. Each style of massage utilizes long, flowing strokes to induce serenity or more strategic strokes, smoothing out discomfort. I work deep in the muscle fascia and work on finding the site that is initiating any pain. Massage can be compared to an apple a day with how many benefits it provides for your body.

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