Your Best Sleep!

Get Better Sleep!

One of the best feelings in the world is when you rest your head at night, and don’t wake up until the alarm goes off. Better yet, if there is no alarm. That’s not always the case, so make sure you get the best rest that you can!

Have you ever woke up and felt like you totally slept wrong? Your neck has a crick in it, the shoulder you always sleep on is starting to feel it; our body feels everything we do. Our body gets us through the day, and we can put so much stress on it. The good news, however, is we are intended to keep our body moving, and feel good while doing it. We need to stay active, just to keep healthy. And we need to keep up with our kids, have strength at work and the energy and charisma to get a workout in, sometime during the day. Most importantly, on top of our body feeling good, we need to have rest. Though, for a working mom or dad, keeping up with the kids, cleaning the house, maintaining a regime and enough sleep, almost seems impossible. And the even better news is that the easiest, and most effective way, to keep our body feeling good and improve sleeping is to, simply, stretch. We put endless amounts of stress on our body, and the trick is to care for your muscles, in return.

When we sleep, and wake up feeling sore, it is because our muscles have been strained and, possible, overworked. This is a good thing because it means we got through the day, we were able to rock it! But how do we avoid this tension and aches in the morning? Love your muscles! Our muscles are made of so many muscle fibers, that work better when they are smoothed out. For example, a sore muscle is our fists clasped together, while they are meant to look like a full-open hand, one finger on top of another. It makes sense, with what we put our body through, sometimes. But when you stretch, you help to loosen your muscles, as well as, improve your flexibility. When you stretch to start the day or right before bed, you help to smooth out those muscle fibers. The muscles that you rest your head on, or your favorite side position, will be able to better support you. They will have more flexibility, be more limber and able to move when you move. When we allow our muscles to move, they will feel so much better!

Every night’s sleep should be restful and peaceful. It’s when we recharge and let our mind and body get some peace. That is just what we need to best get through the day, and we might as well make it count. Help smooth out and stretch your muscles to feel your best when you sleep, and get a massage when you want your body to feel it’s best. The better we take care of our body, the better it will feel, inside and out. “Love the body that you’re in. It’s the only place you have to live.” -Jim Rohn

Author: Massage by Dovey

I specialize in therapeutic massage, helping the muscles get relief and work with the body better. Every massage is tailored specifically for you to release tension, promote circulation and just relax. Each style of massage utilizes long, flowing strokes to induce serenity or more strategic strokes, smoothing out discomfort. I work deep in the muscle fascia and work on finding the site that is initiating any pain. Massage can be compared to an apple a day with how many benefits it provides for your body.

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